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Understanding the special needs of our customers, we started home collection services as early as in 2000. We bring you access to world-class diagnostic facilities right at your doorstep.The service employs a team of skilled phlebotomists who collect the samples within the comfort of your home. Our experienced team is competent in the collection of sample from the very ill, the frail and the young.Our Lab @ Home initiative is the ideal home laboratory solution for senior citizens, people with disabilities, people who prefer the privacy of their home and even people who are simply busy at work.

Insist on Metropolis:

  • Highly trained team of phlebotomists are experts insingle prick blood collection
  • Customers can book home visit through a call/sms or by filling a simple online form
  • Printed and Email Reports for your records


Contact Numbers for Home Visit:

  • UPPER HILL – Nairobi
    Contact No: 0733-666693

  • UPPER HILL - Nairobi
    Contact No: 0780-999552

  • PARKLANDS – Nairobi
    Contact No: 0733-666690

  • EASTLEIGH – Nairobi
    Contact No: 0789999902, 0789999904

  • WESTLANDS - Nairobi
    Contact No: 0733566412 , 0789999912

    Contact No: 0738666619

  • Ghana
    Contact No: +233 543028001/+233 543026795

  • Zambia
    Contact No: +260 – 211253293

  • Uganda
    Contact No: +256 786324507, +256750339904

  • Mauritius
    Contact No: 6051095